Saturday, 10 August 2013

Yesterday, was a bad day. First, I got stung by a mean arsed wasp on my heel and it came up like a barrage balloon and itched like Hell, so I went down the Walk-in centre who put some cream on it and an airy dressing. I felt ill all day yesterday and went to bed about 11. Now, this morning, it is itching again and I feel like poo. Two, while all this was going on, my mobile decided to pack up, and the screen would not move and I couldn't do anything with it, couldn't read my messages, make phone calls out and what's more all my contacts are trapped in the phone! Three, when I got home, I found Miss Charlie had bitten through the computer cable, so I had to go out again and get a new one and that cost £50!!!!! Not happy :-/

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